“We just took our first trip on the Yeyen sailboat, that day was a wonderful day. This tour was much more enjoyable than any commercial catamaran tour we have done. We wanted an adventure in a sailboat that did not make us feel as if we were trapped and, in addition, with a perfect price. One of the best days we have had in Mexico, as we come frequently; Sergio, he was an expert as a ship’s captain, he was also our chef for the day. Awesome! Gabriela and he prepared our food in front of us using fruits and vegetables that they had bought at the local market that morning, and fish that Sergio had caught: fresh, healthy and delicious. We ate a steak, fish, fresh ceviche, salad, fruits and guacamole, they made the food to our liking; Honestly, excellent service just like the drinks. An unexpected surprise was that we had a private room with a bathroom.

We had sailed on a catamaran before in the Caribbean but never as wonderful as this. Gabriela and Sergio took us to a clear and shallow reef, and the two of them got us into the water to make sure we took excellent pictures of turtles, stingrays and fish. I felt more comfortable with them, plus they knew where to find more marine life. At dusk, Sergio kept the boat slower, so we could enjoy it for longer and so take to get to the marina. I appreciated that it allowed us to take more pictures of the sunset from different points, while the Sun was hidden in the sea.
This has been one of the most enjoyable sailboat trips I have ever taken, anchored away from the reef because they are conscious of protecting the environment. In fact, Gabriela swam in the water to put the anchor in a place where it would not cause any harm. This couple does things right! We want to travel again on this catamaran every time we return to Mexico. ”

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