Sailing day in the Mayan Riviera

We sail and then anchor in a private bay of calm and crystal-clear waters, where you can enjoy a series of activities such as snorkeling, sunbathing on deck or delight your palate with the menu you selected.

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This is BoatMexico
A Private Nautical Experience that will awake all your senses.

Sailing is a conscious statement of living. It allows you to be yourself, right here and right now. To breathe in the moment, and to enjoy the greatest gift that life gives us: the present.

Our Experience

Sailing day riviera maya

We start our tour along the coast of Puerto Aventuras, and then anchor in a private bay to enjoy, relax and have fun, with our equipment at your disposal, a wide menu of food and drinks, and all our special services included.

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From $450 USD| Máx 8 Pax.

It's not about living

but feeling alive

We all have passions and we were born to chase them.
Ours? Sailing. Our greatest desire? To share it with you.
A unique experience customized to your expectations so that you can get to know the Mexican Caribbean in a different way:
By the sea.

Don't be a guest

be the protagonist

We sail under the flag of coherence between what we think and what we want, which is to enjoy and make sure you enjoy the sea. And for that, we like to fully involve you in the experience and that you are not just a spectator. 

Get to know paradisiacal places, enjoy them to the fullest, learn to respect and preserve them, to live this trip under new perspectives.

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From $450 | Máx 8 Pax.

Follow your inner compass

Where do you want to set sail to?
The beauty of arriving at the destination is also enjoying the journey!
From explorers who enjoy adrenaline and adventure to those who are more relaxed and seek stillness and peace of mind.

Choose your paradise and discover it by yourself.

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You can choose between the Mayan Riviera or the magical island of Cozumel


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A quiet morning sail enjoying the day to the fullest, or go out to capture an unforgettable sunset accompanied by the sea breeze, it's up to you!


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We'll take care of the rest.We'll contact you instantly to confirm availability, agree on your preferences and send you the booking payment link.


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We will offer you personalized attention for you to be aware of every detail you need to consider before sailing.


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